Smart Advertising Made Easy

A DECISION-MAKING tool for marketing strategists

Grounded on state-of-the-art IA technologies

Trustfull and transparent data to sustain RTB-ready and programmatic DOOH

Our core features

Audience Measurement

Know who is watching your screens. Qualify your audience by measuring its age and gender distributions.

Data provider for RTB DOOH

Transparency and trustfulness are critical in the RTB-based DOOH value chain. Masseev provides robust and precise data to support the growth of the programmatic DOOH.


Anonymous data by design. MassAnalytics only saves aggregated data. No private information is ever recorded. In simpler terms, we do count and detect, we do not recognize.

Content Targeting

The right content for the right audience

Data Intelligence and valorization

Partnering with well-established SSPs and DMPs of the programmatic chain, Masseev triggers the full valorization of your network

Highly Versatile

The solution is customized to best fit your application and can be usefull for a large variety of businesses: malls, retail, movie theaters, hotels…

What we offer you

Deployment assistance

We can help you find the best solution and design for integration into existing systems.

Asset monitoring

Monitor and diagnose your assets with our tools for easy maintenance and deployment.

Software integration

Work together to integrate our audience measurement solution to your existing backend. Develop solutions for communications with third-party softwares.